August 22, 2016 :)

Hello Mom and Family,

 We did have another lesson with Ron this week and I feel that it went pretty well, he mentioned that he liked having the lessons with us because we don't just have to talk about one point...he likes that we can jump around to different topics.  He has some really good questions...we love it when it makes sense to means we have done our job.

During this week our fridge has been filling up with all the meals people have been making us! It's weird that even the people who feed us can't have us over because someone is sick or something is going on but they will still make dinner for us and have us come and pick it up. :)

We had East Stake Conference this past weekend and I loved every minute of it! I learned so much and the best part is when President Passey got up to speak, you know that I love it when he and Sister Passey speak...but she wasn't there this time. On Saturday we had some Sisters get rear-ended in one of the brand new Nissan's that the mission bought so I think maybe she was taking care of those Sisters. Anyway it was a good meeting and I learned a lot, especially about gratitude. This one Lady spoke about gratitude and it really touched me, she said that it's funny how much gratitude we have when we can't do something for a while when you have surgery, or when you go on a much gratitude you have for those around you and the beauties of the earth.

We have some good lessons lined up for this week so we will see how they go, hopefully they go really well! Our investigator Ellen was at church yesterday, bless her heart she is always at church but she thinks she has to know a lot more before she gets baptized...She is a good lady!

Elder Leslie and I have gotten to know each other a lot more and it's a lot of work to train because I want him to be a good missionary :)

Thanks June for this pic ;)
I am glad that you got the message that Celena and Skylar are coming to town.  They are excited to check out the schools for Skylar and meet you guys. Take them to church with you and let them meet our awesome ward ;)

Oh my goodness I loved all the pictures that you sent of Alexa's first day! She is growing up so fast and she looks like you more and more every day! I couldn't believe it, she might just beat you to the 1st hug, I don't know...we will see what happens when it does! LOL Deborah reminds me a lot of you, because you both go through so much but you still remember that God has a plan and you're part of are both so faithful it amazes me!

I love reading the scriptures, they bring so much spiritual power and prepares us to listen for what the Lord wants us to do next. I felt so good in church this past Sunday because I have been studying even more than I have and receiving revelation on how I can make my mission a better experience for both my companion and I. This past month I have had the privilege to give many Priesthood Blessings, and I was reading in my patriarchal blessing and it says that in as much as you respect the priesthood you hold you will have many opportunities to use it...and how true that is...I have probably given more blessings than anyone in this mission! LOL anyway I love you guys and I hope that you have a great week, I loved all the pictures that you sent and can't wait to hear from you again!


Elder Jordie