August 29, 2016~

Hello Mom and Family,

This week has been a really nice busy week, we had another appointment with Ron and it was even funnier than the last meeting!  He just makes us laugh with the things he says :) We talked about the Book of Mormon and we watched the Introduction to the Book of Mormon video on the iPad and I think he felt the spirit because he was really thinking about it...we will see if he has been reading when we go back this week. We are planning to teach him how to pray because he isn't comfortable praying in front of us...we think if we teach him he will start doing it.

Deborah is doing okay. We talked about reading scriptures and how it can bring comfort and peace into our lives and then she confided a lot in us about what was all going on. She is so strong and I admire that about her, she keeps her faith and realizes that Satan is trying to do a lot to destroy her relationship with God. She asked if we could bless her house and I was happy to do this for her :)

We had a good lesson with Ellen, as you know we are reading the Book of Mormon with her and we are in the chapters of 2 Nephi where Isaiah is quoted a lot so it is very difficult to understand what is going on and what the Lord is trying to tell us. But with a lot of cross referencing and studying we all worked together to find out what it was talking about. We talked with our ward mission leader yesterday and I feel as if her prayers to be baptized have been answered. Our ward mission leader told us to share with her what I thought and to tell her what I felt impressed to share with her. I feel like that is the right thing to do with her, so we will see how the spirit directs tomorrow when we see her again ;).

This past Wednesday we had a Zone Conference and I loved every minute of it. The Passey's gave some wonderful training's that were truly inspiring. I am doing good with the training.  It sucks that you guys got hit with that cold that is going around, it seems to be going around down here because President had it at our Conference this past week.

Send your Cafe Rio down here to me! I am not sick of it at all, in fact I am so craving it!!!  I am glad to hear that your knee is starting to get better, I hope that it heals all the way so that you won't have any issues with it. Are you still doing physical therapy?

This past Saturday we did service at Gina's...she ripped up some carpet so she needed us to take out the carpet tacks so that no one would step on them...then she made us dinner, biscuits and gravy which was sooooo good! Even though I love Arizona and the people here and love my mission,  I am missing a lot about Utah right now especially because I am craving things to eat! LOL And I am getting closer to the time of coming home, and I know I still have a while but I swear it was just yesterday that I was serving in Duncan. Just think that after this next General Conference that I will have one more to go, and after your birthday this next month I will be home for the next one :) Brent sent me a bunch of cookies (yum!) and it was nice to hear from him :)

I love you guys and pray for you always and hope that you have a wonderful week, can't wait to hear back from you!


Elder Jordie