Sept 19, 2016 ;)

Hello Mom and Family,

This week has been a good week with all that has been going on here...first I have to tell you about the lesson with Ron. It was awesome, we had a senior couple join us and they were so awesome with connecting with Ron...right now Ron is Catholic and the senior missionaries both used to be Catholic, so they were able to connect with him right away and share their conversion stories. I think that we are getting him to feel the spirit more often, last time you could tell that he was really thinking about what we were saying. The senior couple is going to go back with us, and they gave us some good advice on what to teach Ron since he is Catholic and they were as well. This past time we taught him about the temple even more, and then it went somewhere totally different which is awesome because that means you are teaching to his needs by the spirit! We also had Elder Price with us that day because we were on a 3 day exchange with him.

 The pictures that I sent this past week were of me, Elder Leslie, and Elder Price in the back seat of the minivan on the way to the Gila Valley Temple. We had a blast and I loved being with Elder Price again.

We had a lesson this past Thursday with a family...the Cummins Family and they wanted us to come teach them because they are trying to become active again. I guess Sister Cummins husband got baptized five years or so ago and right after they became inactive because of her health. I am kind of sad though because they are in the Pantano Ward and that is the Ward we won't be serving in any longer as soon as Tuesday comes.

So as you know we got a call Thursday night that Elder Leslie and I would be taking over the Hidden Valley Ward and keep the Camino Principal Ward...and that we would be moving into our ward boundaries by the weekend which we already have. We are in the nice part of Tucson, by the apartments we have a developing shopping center and a Kneaders! LOL It is so awesome, I love these apartments...I don't have to get cash for the laundry room, all I have to do is scan my debit card and away you go! They even have a machine where you can get purified water for 25 cents and that's for a gallon of water! The apartment is a lot smaller that the one that we had but we are ok with that. Elder Kump was going to take over Pantano Ward but some missionaries had to go home for medical purposes so they had to reassign him and had the bordering Elders take it over for a transfer.

I had a wonderful time at the temple and I was able to feel of the peace and comfort that I needed to know that my mission here is not done and the Lord needs me for more that he has planned for me. I have seen too much to ever deny the power of God, and the power of the miracles he has brought in my life. Sometimes I find myself thinking and saying things in scriptural terms! LOL

I am glad that you were able to take Arlene to meet Richard Paul Evans, I bet she was all kinds of excited for that! I miss El, that is one of the places that we have to go when I get back!

You do have a very busy week planned and I know that you are going to have a wonderful birthday. Just think about all these wonderful people taking you out and doing things for you...see how amazing of a mom you are! I am so happy to hear that you are doing a lot better and that the muscle in your leg is starting to heal the way that it is supposed to. That's right, I have a lot planned for when you guys get here and it would be awesome to go on a hike ;). But even if it's not all the way better we can always come back :).

I love you guys and I love the scriptures because they have taught me so much and I really do hope that you have seen a good change in me that has come from me being out here. I pray for you and thank you for the prayers in my behalf!


Elder Jordie