Sept. 11, 2016 :)
Hello Mom and Family,
This week has been a super good week for missionary work. In the meeting with President Passey a week ago we talked about how the areas were doing, especially one of the wards that is not doing so great. President gave us some great suggestions on how to help the area. So this week we have been calling all of the auxiliaries of the Ward Council and asking them who they need help working with and they gave us a bunch of names of people who had been baptized and then became inactive. We have been able to contact a lot of the people and some we haven't been able to yet, and the same thing is happening in our other people are just calling us with others to go and see.

I loved the packages that you guys sent to me full of food and the wonderful letters that were inside, thank you for that because I really needed them ;) ... Anyway the packages were wonderful and it makes it so that I don't have to eat out! 
I can't believe that your birthday month is already here and I can about imagine all the lunches you are going to and all the presents that you are getting! Elaine is getting her knee replaced huh? I think she knows not to go the the VA Hospital with all that happened with Delton's knee... Please let them know that I am thinking about them and I really miss them! I am glad that things with your knee are progressing and getting better, sounds like you are starting to walk a lot more than you were at first, it's good that your leg is getting its strength back :)
Oh my goodness I cannot believe that you and dad have been married for that long, I still remember when we were celebrating 15 years, and then where has the time gone! I don't want you guys to get old! 
Thank you for the continued prayers in my behalf and for the work in our wards, thank you for the email and letting me know what all is going on there at home... ;). I love you guys and I hope that you have a great week...sorry for the shorter email but you know why it's a little short. 
Thank you Sister Bilbo for this picture at your cafe ;)
Elder Jordie