Sept. 26, 2016 :)

Hi Mom and Family,

First I just have to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!!  ;) This week has been a crazy week and yes I did get a haircut....yes I look like a missionary again.

Our apartment is really nice and I am glad that you all were able to see he area and where we live...I have already started to work out at the nice gym!

Our apartment though gets really bad reception with AT&T and most of our area in the Hidden Valley Ward boundaries...we have to go to President for us to get a Verizon phone and trust me we need one! Everyone in Hidden Valley was very nice to us and came up to introduce themselves to us...the sisters covering it said they didn't think the ward would react good to Elders but they were wrong! Which we were happy about.

The teaching is going good, although now that we have dropped Pantano we don't have a lot...Hidden Valley has no work right now basically...but hopefully we can change that. We had a lesson this last Tuesday with Ron and we talked about the about inspired questions, I was inspired to ask Ron if he believed in the trinity and he said that he did. Then we got into the scriptures and I asked how the Savior could ask himself for strength in the Garden in Gethsemane, or how he could descend like a dove on himself and call himself his beloved son in whom he is well pleased when he was baptized. He started to think and he told us that we had a good point and that it did make a lot more sense that they were three separate being. Ah, I am so happy he is moving forward :)

I really hope you do have a great birthday and anniversary!

I love you guys and I pray for you always, thank you for the prayers in my behalf  :). Thanks for the pics, I love seeing them an I can't wait to hear back from you!


Elder Jordie