September 5, 2016 ;)

Hello Mom and Family,

This week has been a really good week for Elder Leslie and I, we have worked a lot out and have some goals that we are shooting towards to make our areas a lot better. We have had some things happen this week that have been very beneficial and have helped us to see the Lords hand in our lives, and to know that He is with us and mindful of the work we are trying to do. 

This past Friday we were at the gas station and just about to pull away when a lady by the name of Kate called and was talking to us about having us come over to teach her. She said that she had investigated about three years or so ago in Salt Lake, she said that she was almost baptized but then a lot of issues kept her from doing so. She has a friend in Salt Lake that has been encouraging her to investigate the church again, and at first she was unsure about it so she thought about it for three weeks and decided to give us a call! How awesome is that? 

This past week we didn't get the chance to visit with Ron or even Ellen, there is this cold that is going around that is hitting everyone and it's not very nice. This week we are going to visit with our returning members in the Camino Principal ward and give their daughter another one of the lessons so that she can further herself towards baptism. We are also going to be helping this couple with their wedding which is coming up on the 17th of this month and we will see how that all goes...we are planning on a lot of missionaries coming to help and it will be a wonderful opportunity to meet a lot of non members that live within Tucson. 

I am doing okay,  I had a meeting with President Passey today and we talked about a lot. I know that you guys are still praying for me because I can feel the strength that comes from them. Know that you are always in my prayers and that I love you and I wish the best for everyone of you and hope that you have a great week and that all goes well :).  And please tell everyone hello there!


Elder Jordie